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Our Mission Board of Directors

As a Christian couple God provide us with a Ministry he put in our hands in our heart the anxiety to carry the word of God throughout the world, but this seem impossible for us. But what is impossible for the man is possible for God. God gave us the opportunity to use the Internet, by providing us with the sources to be able to carry his message as the wants and for everyone know him, and for nobody to give the excuse that they never heard his word. We thank God that he has provided this ministries to give a word of wisdom to a world of Hope & Faith to a world that Need to go back to his believes.
We at Radio Elohim we want to present you the Prince of Peace the All Mighty God.

Radio Elohim is a work of faith for the purpose of reaching the lost souls with the gospel of Jesus, to build the body of Christ in all Latin American and to the surrounding of the world and to provide with Christian Literature to Hospital and correctional institute.
Thru Radio Elohim we provide the support to Pastors and other ministries with space of internet radio programming.

This ministry is supported through the efforts of the board directors who aside form their own funds maintain these ministries but also donate their time and effort to provide God’s people 100% Christian programming such as Music and Preaching from ministers from God 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Best Regards,

Jose & Maria Rivera
President & Vice President
Hope & Faith Ministries, Inc.
Radio Elohim

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Toll Free: 1-800-596-0664
USA, Florida: 305-242-2870
email: feyesperanza@radioelohim.com
PO BOX: 901059 Homestead, FL 33090


Alberto Motessi- http://www.albertomottesi.org

Luis Palau-http://www.palau.org

Pastor Francisco Palacios-http://www.circulodeoracionradial.com

Pastor Nelson Rincón

Prayer Request
Pastor Juan Ramon

Pastor Omar Valdes

José Ángel Rivera – President

Maria Luisa Rivera- Vice- President

Claudia José Angulo- Administrator & Assistant

Perla Calix- Special Events Coordinator perlacalix@radioelohim.com

Jeannette Ortega-Children’s Director Program


1 Pastor Juan Ramon Restoration Program Minister Montes De Los Olivos Homestead, Florida e-mail - pastorjuanramon@radioelohim.com

2 Licenciada Libia Meisozo Program Teaching Today's Family of e-mail tialibia@radioelohim.com

3 Pastor Edwin Cox
e-mail: edwincox@radioelohim.com

4 Jorge Fonseca- Program Domestic Violence and Child Abuse e-mail jorgefonseca@radioelohim.com

5 Benhur Berroa- Minister of Youth Pastor Christian Church El Buen Samaritano e-mail benhur@radioelohim.com

6 Omar Valdés- Pastor Prayer Request e-mail pastoromarvaldes@radioelohim.com


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